House Rules

Mind Body Collective

October 1, 2022

These are Our House Rules which may change from time to time.


  1. Center Access: Virtual Office and Membership customers have access to Center during office hours (weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) unless otherwise arranged with Center management. We shall provide use of meeting rooms and private offices subject to availability and upon reservation only. We shall also provide business and administrative support services on demand (to the extent available). Use of these services may be subject to additional fees.
  2. Upon Move-In: We may ask You to sign an inventory of all accommodation, furniture, and equipment You are permitted to use, together with a note of its condition, and details of the entry codes issued to You.
  3. Signage: You may not put up any signs on the doors of Your accommodation or anywhere else visible from outside the room(s) You are using without written approval from the Center management team. We reserve the right to charge a fee for any signage and to specify its design to ensure it remains in keeping with the Center’s design.
  4. Our Property: You must take good care of all parts of the Business Center, its equipment, fittings, and furnishings You use. You must not alter any part of it.
  5. Keys and Security: Any keys or entry codes which We let You use remain Our property at all times. You must not make any copies of the keys, share your entry code, or allow anyone else to use them without Our consent. Any loss or misplacement must be reported to Us immediately and You must pay a reasonable fee for replacement keys or cards and of changing locks, if required. Access Devices (Keys, Cards, codes) to the Center, and offices are limited to the number of occupied workstations. Additional devices may be purchased for a one-time activation fee, fee is available upon request. Where applicable, all persons receiving access devices must complete the ID verification process, including two forms of ID, one being a photo ID. This rule improves security levels of the Business Center. If You are permitted to use the Business Center outside normal working hours, it is Your responsibility to lock the doors to Your accommodation and to the Business Center when You leave. This is to ensure the safety of individuals and property at the Business Center.
  6. Inclusive Visits: Any private office usage included in Your agreement is not cumulative, cannot be transferred in any way, and cannot be carried over to future months. Private office assignment is at Our sole discretion and all usage is subject to Our House Rules.

Use of the Business Center

  1. Entrances and Exits: You shall not leave open any corridor doors, exit doors or door connecting corridors during or after business hours for security purposes; and if You do so, it will be at Your own risk. All corridors, halls, and stairways shall not be obstructed by You or used for any purpose other than entering and exiting. You can only use public areas with Our consent and those areas must always be kept neat and attractive.
  2. Cameras: We use camera recording for security purposes, whereby signage will be clearly posted.
  3. Name and Address: At Your request, We are happy to include Your name in the house directory at the Center. There may be a charge for this service. You must not use Our name in any way in connection with Your business. You may not use the Business Center as Your registered address for service-of-process. You may not use the Business Center address in any way without a written agreement.
  4. Phone Number: If phone service is part of your agreement, You agree the phone number(s) assigned to You is for Your use during the term of Your agreement. The phone numbers remain Our property and You have no contractual or vested interests in the present telephone service or telephone numbers provided by Us. You agree not to list the phone number in any “white or yellow” pages.
    • You cannot port phone numbers into or out of Our phone system. To use Your existing phone number with Our phone service, You agree to forward Your phone number to a phone number owned and assigned by Us.
  5. Employees and Guests: Your employees and guests shall conduct themselves in a business-like manner; proper business attire shall be worn at all times; the noise level will be kept to a level so as not to interfere with or annoy other customers; and You will abide by Our directives regarding security, keys, parking, and other such matters common to all occupants. No part of the office or Business Center may be used for overnight accommodation.
  6. Equipment: You shall not, without Our prior written consent, store or operate in Your office(s) or the Business Center(s), any computer (excepting a personal computer) or any other large business machine, reproduction equipment, heating equipment, stove, radio, stereo equipment, or other mechanical amplification equipment, vending or coin operated machine, refrigerator, boiler, or coffee equipment. Additionally, You must not conduct a mechanical business therein, do any cooking therein, or use or allow to be used in the building where the Business Center is located, oil burning fluids, gasoline, kerosene for heating, warming, or lighting. No article deemed hazardous on account of fire, or any explosives shall be brought into the Business Center. No offensive gases, odors or liquids shall be permitted. No weapons concealed or otherwise, shall be permitted. The Business Center is intended to be used solely for office use.
  7. Electrical: The electrical current shall be used for ordinary lighting, powering personal computers and small appliances only unless written permission to do otherwise was first obtained from Us at an agreed cost to You. If You require any special installation or wiring for electrical use, telephone equipment or otherwise, such wiring shall be done at Your expense by the personnel designated by Us.
  8. Common Areas: You may not conduct business in the hallways, reception area, or any other area except in Your designated office without Our prior written consent.
  9. Shared Space: You shall not use the breakroom or other shared spaces for meetings or guests. Day offices or meeting rooms should be used to accommodate these needs, charged at the standard rates. You will not use or occupy more space than what is included in Your agreement. 
  10. Animals: You shall bring no animals into the Building other than service animals covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Service animals are defined as animals who have been trained to perform a specific job or task. Emotional support animals are not covered under ADA and are not allowed in the center. If a service animal becomes disruptive and You do not take effective action to control it, We may request the animal to be removed from the premises.
  11. Office Memberships: Office and Virtual Office customers receive Membership(s). Use of the Center is governed by the Membership terms and conditions. All members must check in at reception. Checking in will constitute a day’s usage against the Member’s allocated days per month.
  12. Client/Guest Policy: When booking a day office, a customer may be accompanied by one client/guest at a time. There is no charge for the day office client/guest. If additional clients/guests are needed, then please book a meeting room at the standard rate.
  13. Manufacturing and Storage: You shall not use the Business Center for manufacturing or storage of merchandise except as such storage may be incidental to general office purposes. You shall not occupy or permit any portion of the Business Center to be occupied or used for the manufacture, sale, gift or use of liquor, narcotics, or tobacco in any form.
  14. Locks: No additional locks or bolts of any kind shall be placed upon any of the doors or windows of the Business Center by You nor shall any changes be made to existing locks or the mechanisms thereof.
  15. Soliciting: You may only solicit other customers for business or any other purpose through center approved channels (e.g., through the website, noticeboards, and networking events held at the center).
  16. Your Property: All property belonging to You or any of Your employees, agents, or invitees, shall be at the risk of such person only and We shall not be liable for damages thereto or for theft or misappropriation thereof.
  17. Smoking: Smoking of any type i.e., nicotine, electronic, vaping or any other form, shall be prohibited in all public areas, including meeting and training rooms. No smoking shall be permitted at any time in any area of the Business Center (including open or closed offices).
  18. Harassment: You and Your officers, directors, employees, shareholders, partners, agents, representatives, contractors, customers, or invitees shall be prohibited from participating in any type of harassing, discriminatory or abusive behavior to Our team members, other customers or invitees, verbal or physical in the Business Center for any reason. We have a zero tolerance policy towards any workplace harassment and violence. Any breach of this rule is a material breach of Your agreement (not capable of remedy), and Your agreement may be terminated immediately, and services will be suspended without further notice.
  19. Health and Safety: In order to ensure all Center users have a safe and secure working environment, You, Your employees and visitors must comply with all health and safety requirements set out by Us, by law and as are otherwise applicable to the Center. Therefore, in the event You expect to have multiple/numerous visitors, depending on the specific circumstances, We may require You to take an additional office or meeting room space at current rates to accommodate those visitors or those visitors may be refused access to the center. Please discuss any high-volume visitor requirements You may have with Your center team in advance.

Services and Obligations

  1. Furnished Office Accommodation: You shall not affix anything to the windows, walls or any other part of the office or the Business Center or make alterations or additions to the office or the Business Center without Our prior written consent.
  2. Facility Services: We are happy to discuss special arrangements for the use of the facilities outside the Business Center standard business opening hours or, the standard working days where the Business Center is located. There may be an additional charge for such special arrangements. This can be discussed at the time of arrangement.
  3. Pay-As-You-Use Services: We may at times offer additional services on a “Pay as you use” basis. All of the pay-as-You-use services are subject to the availability of the Center staff at the time of any service request. We will endeavor to deal with a service request at the earliest opportunity and provide the additional service You require, but We will not be held responsible for any delay.
    • If in Our opinion, We decide a request for any pay-as-You-use service is excessive; We reserve the right to charge an additional fee based on the time taken to complete the service. This will be discussed and agreed between Us and You at the time You make such a request.
  4. Service Availability: Services provided by the Center will be available during standard business opening hours. Internet access and phone lines are also available after hours and weekends.
  5. Mail Acceptance Policy: We will not accept any items exceeding 4.5 kg (10 lbs.) in weight, 46 cm (18”) in any dimension, 0.03 cubic meters (1 cubic foot) in volume or if it contains any dangerous, live or perishable goods and We shall be entitled in Our absolute discretion to return any uncollected items or refuse to accept any quantity of items it considers unreasonable or unlawful. Items of larger size will only be accepted upon mutual prior agreement. We do not guarantee or assume responsibility for any of the services hereunder.
    • To prevent Our facility or address from being used in connection with possible fraudulent activity or activity potentially in violation of laws or governmental regulations, We will not forward mail received on Your behalf outside of the US or Canada. We reserve the right to immediately suspend services and/or terminate the agreement if We determine Our facility or address is being used in connection with possible fraudulent activity or activity potentially in violation of laws or governmental regulations.
    • We may charge an administrative fee if We feel there is an excessive volume of mail received and processed by Our team on Your behalf.
  6. Know Your Customer (KYC) Requirements: For some services We provide, local regulation may require that We obtain confirmation of personal and business identification/documentation from You. Where this is a requirement, We will only be able to commence those services You have contracted for once You have provided the requested information.
  7. Fair Usage: Where unlimited services (e.g., telephone calls, printing, scanning etc.) are included within a service package, these are subject to a fair usage as defined by us. We reserve the right to limit or withdraw your use without notice if we feel you are in breach of fair usage.

Our Services Agreement

  1. Cross Default: You agree that, if you are in default under any agreement with us (or with any of our affiliates), we may, without prejudice to any other rights, withhold any services to be provided under this agreement with respect to such default (including access to any accommodation). We may use any funds held by way of retainer under this agreement to discharge any unpaid sums due to us (or our affiliates) under any agreement with us (or with any of our affiliates).
  2. Online Account/App: All Day Office and Meeting Room bookings, copies of Your agreement, correspondence and a downloadable statement of account are available online within the scheduling app and our website. These are accessible at Your convenience to actively manage your account. All administration of Your agreement can be managed online through Our website or scheduling app. You can log into Your online account simply by going to the website and clicking ‘Log in’ at the top of the screen. The app is also available in both the Apple and Android stores.
  3. Company Name Change: If there is a need to change the name of Your company, requests must be made in writing by email. 
  4. Company and Contact Information: It is your responsibility to keep the information and key contact details we use to communicate with you up to date through the app or online account. This includes but is not limited to email addresses, phone numbers, and company address.
  5. Subordination: This agreement is subordinate to Our lease with Our landlord and to any other agreements to which Our lease with the landlord is subordinate.
  6. Virtual Office Services: Virtual Office services are provided per company name. Customers wanting Virtual Office services for more than one company name will need to purchase a Virtual Office service agreement per company name.