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The Vision

The vision of the Mind Body Collective is to foster mental, physical, and spiritual wellness by creating a place of wellbeing and connection for those who are giving as well as receiving care. The Collective supports wellness practitioners and community members in sharing their art, growing their practice, and expanding their impact limitlessly.

The Mission โ€“ Two Wings


We provide co-working space that allows wellness practitioners to pursue their passion and operate on a flexible schedule, to sustain a part-time practice or grow their business and brand. We offer small to large offices so that these small business owners can serve individual clients or groups. We facilitate connections among practitioners and the community through our online platforms, scheduling links, and community events.


We create a place where people can find healing modalities, serenity, and opportunities for connection that feel safe and supported; and where everyone in our diverse community can feel a sense of belonging.

These two important parts of our mission are what will allow our community to soar!


Mental Health





Naturopathic Medicine

Highlighted Events


“My experience was like nothing Iโ€™ve ever experienced. Learning to stay focused on the moments and get away for awhile. All while feeling my whole body completely relax. Iโ€™m excited to be apart of each session and cannot wait for the next.”

– Demetrice McGee

“Thoroughly enjoyed the class”

Maychelle Cooper-Rodney

“Calming the mind!! Peace to the soul!”

Angela Williams

“My experience at The Mind Body Collective was absolutely amazing. The meditation class was an enjoyable experience and I am more in touch with my mind and body after taking this class. I highly recommend !!!”

– Maychelle Rodney